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Mentors consist of professional women who realize that being involved in young woman’s lives can make a difference.  Mentors are interviewed and submit to a background check in order to mentor.  By donating their time, professional skills and knowledge, they genuinely want to impact and improve young women’s lives.  Considering the demographic that our organization mentors it is necessary for the mentors to have a positive and uplifting attitude toward the mentees, activities, and organization.  Mentors sign a pinky promise agreement.  



Mentees  Mentees  Mentees  Mentees

Each mentee must be recommended by someone within the host school.  This person will serve as a contact, ally, and mentor assistant. All mentees must be in their junior year of high school, and must have passed the FCAT test sophomore year.   We expect each mentee to be cooperative, eager, and willing to learn.  Our mentees must also be willing to work with mentors of all ages, races, creeds, nationalities, religions, sexual preference, and weights.  We ask that each mentee commit to finding the resources and time to communicate with their parent/guardian.  Each mentee will sign the TIM Works, Corp Pledge. 


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